Steps to create DKIM record in mailenable


Staff member
Nowadays DKIM records are compulsory as they provide authentication and also increase domain reputation.
  • Login to Mailenable.
  • Click on Post offices by expanding it.
  • After that click on “Domains”.
  • Right click on particular domain and then click on “Properties”.
  • Here select the “DKIM (DomainKeys)” and click on “Configure” button.
  • Here you have to create DKIM record.
  • Make tick mark on “Sign Outgoing messages”.
  • Encryption Algorithm: rsa-sha256.
  • Click on “New” under “Selector” section.
  • After that a dialogue box will appear with “Please enter name of the new selector” set it to “default.domainkey”.
  • Keysize: 2048
  • Now click on “Ok” and it will generate the DKIM record for your domain.
  • You have to copy that record and add it in your DNS records.