Deny URL sequence in IIS


Staff member
In request filtering feature, we will assign maximum URL length, content request length, Query String size and many other options due to this feature. Mainly this helps to secure URL pattern from attackers.

You can follow below steps to deny URL sequence:
  • Login to Your Windows VPS server.
  • Click on IIS Manager to open it.
  • Here click on server name under “Connections pane”.
  • Now click on “Request Filtering” option to open it.
  • Now from various tabs click on “URL” tab and from right hand side of screen you have to choose “Deny Sequence” option.
  • In the opened dialoge box you have to enter particular URL sequence which you want to block. You can block the SQL Injection term too.
  • Now click on “OK”. After adding Deny sequence when anyone enter that particular term, in result they will get “HTTP Error 404.5 – URL Sequence denied” error message.