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    Deny URL sequence in IIS

    In request filtering feature, we will assign maximum URL length, content request length, Query String size and many other options due to this feature. Mainly this helps to secure URL pattern from attackers. You can follow below steps to deny URL sequence: Login to Your Windows VPS server...
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    Steps to check classic ASP detailed error log in IIS

    You have to follow three steps from w hich you can check detailed error log: Enable IIS debugging for ASP: By default you will not get any debugging details but if you want to change it then you have to follow below steps in IIS. Login to Windows VPS. Click on IIS Manager to open it and click...
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    How to restart IIS with command ?

    You can follow below steps: Login to Windows VPS server. Click on “Start” button and choose “Run” command prompt. Here you have to enter iisreset command
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    For Web Deploy set user permission in FTP

    You can follow below steps to resolve this issue: Login into IIS. Now click on particular website for which you want to deploy. After clicking on website you will get various options on right side of panel, click on “Edit Permissions”. In new windows click on “Security” tab and assign full...
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    In Windows PHP is not working for domain. How to solve this issue?

    Mos of the time this issue occur when application extensions path is setup incorrectly. The correct path should be "C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v5.6\php-cgi.exe" in IIS. Let’s see how to set the correct PHP extensions path: Login to remote desktop services (RDP). Now open “IIS”. You have to...
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    What is the procedure to disable “Application Pool Recycle in IIS”?

    For every 29 hours interval cycle, you are forcing up the server application to trigger the recycling application pool. You won’t get any reviews from support calls whenever the server hits all other requests. Here’s the step to disable “Application Pool Recycle in IIS”: Step 1: Now, do...
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    Reading and Cutomizing IIS Log Files: A Complete Guide

    IIS or Internet Information Services uses a logging architecture to log any event. When it does, it also uses the relevant logging module. If something goes wrong, you can inspect the logging architecture and analyze the issue. Besides the issue and the origin, you can also check the...
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    How to improve Windows IIS security?

    Do you know to increase the security for Windows Internet Information Services? Yes! It is possible by doing three methods such as restricting IP address, issuing certificates for clients and configuration of authentication. This is specifically for people who work in the IT field because of the...
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    How to run ASP.NET page on windows server?

    First thing you have to keep in mind that .Net framework installed on your server. Now you just have to activate asp.net for your domain. Login to server. Navigate to IIS. Click on your domain for which you want to activate .net and then select Properties option. Now in Home Directory tab you...