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    There was a problem with the install. Refresh the page and try again.: [object MessageEvent]: Error in Wordpress Toolkit

    If you are getting below error while installing Wordpress Toolkit from WHM Marketplace and also you are not getting any specific error log which can help to resolve the error. Error: There was a problem with the install. Refresh the page and try again.: [object MessageEvent] In this case you...
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    Steps to remove Wordpress Toolkit feature

    You can easily remove Wordpress toolkit feature for cpanel in WHM. For this you have to access Feature List option in WHM: Login to WHM. Here click on “Feature Manager” option under “packages” option. Now click on “Edit Feature List”. Here uncheck “Wordpress Toolkit” option and click on Save.
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    Is it possible to manage Wordpress Toolkit via command-line?

    We can easily manage Wordpress Toolkit with wp-toolkit command, we can run commands in Terminal but we need root access. # which wp-toolkit /usr/local/bin/wp-toolkit If you want to know all the options of wp-toolkit then you can use below command for help: wp-toolkit --help You can check the...
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    How to find clone data location store by Wordpress Toolkit?

    You will find the clone data of your Wordpress website in installation path, but its available in hidden directory with ".wp-toolkit_X". Here X represents a variable which ensures that directory has unique name. You can check below example: /home/user/public_html/.wp-toolkit_z
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    Can we do Multisite cloning in Wordpress Toolkit?

    In Wordpress Toolkit we cannot do multisite Wordpress installation, but if you tried to attempt multisite cloning then you will get below output: "Cpanel LIVE Site" was cloned with errors Unable to clone remote WordPress instance #1 ('http://www.domain.com' at server 'localhost'): cloning of...
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    Steps to enable maintenance mode in Wordpress Toolkit

    As a developer if you want to update your website and want to stop your visitors then you can enable Maintenance mode for your Wordpress. You can either enable it directly with Wordpress or you can also use Wordpress Toolkit. In this article we are discussing steps to enable Maintenance mode in...
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    Steps to update Wordpress Toolkit via command line

    Wordpress toolkit is an interface which helps to manage Wordpress websites. You can check below steps to update Wordpress toolkit to latest server: First you have to check that Wordpress Toolkit is installed on server or not.For this you can use below command: rpm -qa|grep wp-toolkit You...
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    Steps to change automatic update settings in wordpress Toolkit

    If you are using Wordpress toolkit and want to disable automatic update for it then you can follow below steps: You have to login to cpanel and then click on “Wordpress Toolkit” or you can login to WHM and then click on Plugins >> Wordpress Toolkit. Here you have to search for particular...
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    Steps to automatic update logs in Wordpress Toolkit

    We can easily check the automatic updates in Wordpress with the help of action logs. Action logs gives all the details regarding Toolkit and how it manages Wordpress automatic updates. Here you can check the action logs: /home/username/logs/wpt_action_logs/ With these logs you can check about...
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    Steps to detach Wordpress installation from wordpress toolkit

    You can follow below steps for it: Login to WHM. Here navigate to “Plugins” and then go to “Wordpress Toolkit”. You will find the “default” tab which is available to the right of the domain name, there are three dots available, and you have to click on it. Select the option “Detach” from menu.
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    How to use Wordpress Toolkit in Plesk?

    Wordpress toolkit will help you to easily install, manage and configure your application. For that you have to install Wordpress Toolkit in Plesk. Login to plesk. Click on “Wordpress icon” and you will find few options to manage wordpress. You have to click on “Install” to install wordpress...
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    Steps to use Wordpress Toolkit in Plesk

    Steps to use Wordpress Toolkit in Plesk In simple words, it’s a content management system. But in reality, it works out more than a simple system extension. WordPress gives you more benefit than you expect with its easy to use the plug-in. Here, we are taking pride to explain both applications...