1. K

    Error “mcrypt extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration” in phpMyAdmin

    If you are getting “mcrypt extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration” error while login in phpMyAdmin then you can follow below steps to resolve this issue. Here are the steps to resolve this issue: We have to make changes in php.ini file to resolve this error and you will find...
  2. K

    Steps to change phpMyAdmin password

    You can check the below steps to change password of phpMyAdmin. Frist login to phpMyAdmin with these steps. Now click on “Change Password”, you will get a screen where you have to enter new password. And click on “Go” button.
  3. K

    What is Relation View and how can we enable it in phpMyAdmin?

    If you want tp create foreign keys in database but you are not able to find the Relation View option then you have to make some changes in your phpMyAdmin. First you have to check the storage engine of your table and set it to InnoDB, its because only InnoDB allow Relation view from which we can...
  4. K

    Steps to clone MySQL database via PhpMyAdmin

    You can clone your database in PhpMyAdmin and for that you have to create separate copy of your database. First login to phpMyAdmin. Here you will find list of databases, click on particular database to clone it. In the top bar you will find option “Operations”, click on it. You will find a...
  5. K

    Ways to make connection to MySQL database from phpMyAdmin

    You can follow below steps to make connection to MySQL database from phpMyAdmin. If you have login details then you can open phpMyAdmin URL (http://VPS_IP_address:8080). Now enter your username and password, and click on Go button. Here you have to enter you server IP address instead of...
  6. K

    Steps to repair MySQL database with phpMyAdmin

    You can follow below steps to repair your MySQL database through phpMyAdmin: Log in to cPanel. Click on “PhpMyAdmin” under “Database” section. Select particular database which you want to repair on left side. Now select tables which you want to repair or you can select all tables. After...
  7. K

    How to Quickly Fix the PhpMyAdmin Continuously Redirecting Error?

    When you try to access PhpMyAdmin, you may come across continuous redirect error. In such cases, you won’t be able to access the mysql database for a certain period of time. In most cases, the error is because of a corrupt ‘mysql’ database. If you check the error log in cPanel, you will find...
  8. K

    Steps to resolve PhpMyAdmin redirecting issue

    PhpMyAdmin redirecting due to read-only /tmp – Hope, this is mainly because of the MySQL which works directly or indirectly to bring errors. Sometimes, PhpMyAdmin figures out the loop again and again by giving the warning message “The system will redirect you in a moment”. Why because MySQL...
  9. K

    How to use cPanel for changing the email address of WordPress from phpMyAdmin?

    Have you ever heard of deactivating your email address as a login method? In nearly every WordPress security tutorial, a WordPress expert will emphasize the danger of signing in using an email address. You can only use your username if you've applied. Your WordPress website's email address may...
  10. K

    Access Denied for User #1044 & #1045 MariaDB/MySQL DB Error

    Whenever you use PhpMyAdmin, to work on the database it is must to have user permission for write and edit. If you didn’t have user permission in correct way, it may lead to error like #1044 and #1045. Let us find the solution for this error by using command line terminal such as: Server...
  11. bhawanisingh

    [Resolved] No routine is exportable. Required privileges may be lacking.

    If you are getting this error in PHPMyAdmin while clicking on Routines than this is due to wrong Definer selected for your Routine created in PHPMyAdmin. To overcome this you can either drop the routine and create it again with correct definer. OR you can Login to WHM with root Permission and...
  12. H

    How to change the database engine of a MySQL database table from MyISAM to InnoDB?

    You can run following SQL query in SSH or PhpMyAdmin : ALTER TABLE tablename ENGINE = InnoDB;
  13. bhawanisingh

    phpMyAdmin Error: "Error during the session start"

    PhpMyAdmin Error: "Error during session start; please check your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly. Also ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser. session_start(): open(SESSION_FILE, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2)" What is the...
  14. bhawanisingh

    [RESOLVED] Error: “1045 cannot log in to the MYSQL server”

    PhpMyAdmin is a free tool which is provide for MYSQL database management. With this free software we can manage databases easily like create, delete, drop, import, export and alter. You can also run MYSQL queries in PHPMyAdmin to complete your task. PhpMyAdmin is integrated with cPanel which is...
  15. bhawanisingh

    How to resolve PhpMyAdmin "500 internal server error"?

    This error appears when you upgrade the version of your CPanel. First, you have to check the permission of files as below Other files permission should have 755. If it does not then change the files permission and set them to 755 Once the file permission change, use below shell command...