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    Complete Guide to Putting a WordPress Website in Maintenance Mode

    When your website is undergoing maintenance work on the backend, it’s necessary to put it in maintenance mode. This way, the users will see a sign which confirms that the website is currently down and undergoing changes. It will be back shortly. Without this message, they’ll simply see a broken...
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    What to do About WordPress Website Stuck in Maintenance Mode?

    When you work on your WordPress on the backend, it’s good to put your website to Maintenance Mode. You get full control over the website without having to worry about user experience (because the website will be down). The problem arises for most WordPress administrators and site managers when...
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    Steps to enable maintenance mode in Wordpress Toolkit

    As a developer if you want to update your website and want to stop your visitors then you can enable Maintenance mode for your Wordpress. You can either enable it directly with Wordpress or you can also use Wordpress Toolkit. In this article we are discussing steps to enable Maintenance mode in...
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    Steps to restrict access of your Joomla website

    If you want to make changes on your website and want to display message like maintenance mode to your clients. Then you can enable maintenance mode feature in Joomla. You can follow below steps to achieve this feature: Login to Joomla admin panel. Navigate to System >> Global Configuration...
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    How to take website in maintenance mode with .htaccess file?

    You can add below code to your .htaccess file to put your website in maintenance mode. With this code if anyone try to access the website will be redirected to maintenance.php mode. RewriteEngine On RewriteRule !^maintenance.php$ /maintenance.php [R=302,L] But if you want to use your website...