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    A Guide to Fixing the DirectAdmin Error “Cannot Assign Requested Address”

    As an admin responsible for maintaining servers and websites, there’s a high chance that you run some sort of errors. One such error is the DirectAdmin error with the message reading “Cannot assign requested address”. If you’re stuck with this error, this article is for you. Here, we explain how...
  2. K

    Ways to generate CSR key in DirectAdmin

    You can follow below steps to create CSR key. You have to login into DirectAdmin and go to domain account. Under Account Manager you have to click on “SSL Certificates”. Now a form will appear you have to fill this form and then click on “Save” button. After generating the CSR key you can see...
  3. K

    Steps to create another administrator account in DirectAdmin

    Login to DirectAdmin control panel. You can find another option “Create Administrator” link under “Server Management”, click on it. Fill up the following details: Username Email Address Password Re-type New Password Click on “Submit” button and your second administrator account is created.
  4. K

    How can we create Mysql database in DirectAdmin?

    You can follow below steps to create Mysql database. Login to DirectAdmin. Now click on “Mysql Management” link. Here you will find “Create New Database”, you have to click on it. Enter below details : Database Name Database Username Password of that user Re-type Password At last click on...
  5. K

    Steps to host a domain in DirectAdmin

    As we all know about cpanel hosting control panel, similarly DirectAdmin is also a control panel for Linux server. Login to DirectAdmin. From your account link click on “Domain Setup” and then click on “Add Another Domain” link. Now provide your below details: Bandwidth limit Disk space limit...
  6. K

    Steps to create an email account in DirectAdmin

    You can follow below steps to create in DirectAdmin: Login to DirectAdmin panel. Under Email Management link click on “Email Accounts”. Now click on “Create Mail Account” and enter the following details: Username: Password: Re-type Password: Email Quota: At last click on “Create” button to...
  7. K

    Steps to add subdomain in DirectAdmin control panel

    Let’s see how to add subdomain in control panel: Login to DirectAdmin. Now verify your domain and then click on “Add sub-domain”. Click on “Add subdomain” button to add your domain.
  8. bhawanisingh

    How to migrate from DirectAdmin to cPanel ?

    How to migrate from DirectAdmin to cPanel ? If you going to migrate DirectAdmin to cPanel how will you do it? Using a tool or manual steps or even both? Confused right! Some users have more trust in using tools that might be predictive to tackle issues in case of manual steps we have to involve...