cron job

  1. K

    Steps to execute a .sh script using cpanel cron job

    First you have to check for execution permission for your script and after that you can run below cron job: 0 * * * * /home/<your_user>/public_html/
  2. K

    Steps to disable email notification in cron job

    When then cron job runs everytime we get email notification, what if we want to disable this notification. Let’s see how to do this: You have to add this simple line in your cron job command. >/dev/null 2>&1 You can check below example. 15 * * * Mon ${HOME}/ > /dev/null 2>&1
  3. K

    Methods of adding Cron job to VestaCP

    Before getting into the topic let us learns what Cron is and how does it work? Cron is Linux based utility that schedules a script or a command on the server to run on a specific date and time. So, a Cron job will work as a scheduled take by itself and be used for repetitive tasks...
  4. bhawanisingh

    Scheduling cron job under Linux or UNIX

    Adding Jobs To cron Under Linux or UNIX: Using cron the Linux and UNIX users can run their scripts and commands at the specified time and date. Scripts can also be scheduled. Corn is the mostly preferred tool for running system admin jobs and it will always executed in the background. It...
  5. bhawanisingh

    How to add a cron job in CPanel ?

    How to add a cron job in CPanel ? Cron jobs are the defined tasks that the systems run on decided time interval. In other words you can these are the predefined task that runs on the system in particular interval of time. You can set up your cron jobs through cpanel for the particular task like...