cpanel backup

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    How to use the command line for restoring cPanel backup?

    One demand remains always in trend to take backup when you are not having cPanel with you. Some formats won’t allow us to take backups at a time. It might lead you to restore cPanel backup using the command line. Some steps involved in moving out the content of the website, mail account, and...
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    A Complete Guide to Recovering a Mailbox from a Full cPanel Backup

    You recover a cPanel backup when the email account gets corrupted or data goes missing. You’d also make use of the backup file if you’re moving to a new host. Either way, the process of recovering a mailbox from a full cPanel backup involves multiple steps. First, you’d have to extract the...
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    Before beginning the explanation and methods used for restoring the cPanel accounts in WHM you will need two functions that are mandatory. One is that you will require access to VPS through the pre-installed version of the cPanel or WHM. The other one you will require is the backup file in full...
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    How to take Backup of your Cpanel Account

    You want to take backup of your cPanel account but having no idea how to do that. Well, that's not as much difficult as you are having a well designed backup wizard in your hosting control panel. cPanel control panel provide many tools in graphical interface through which you can manage your...
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    How to restore Domains from cPanel Backups

    It's well known that keeping backup of your data is very much valuable and must these days. Well it's good to have full backup for your whole server, but sometimes you have to restore single or multiple domains only. In this kind of situation, cPanel backup provide an ease to restore your...