How to fix the problem “Eximstats database is too large”?

How to fix the problem “Eximstats database is too large”?

Are you struggling with the error Eximstats database is too large? One most common error will have occurred during the performance of the lower disk.

The above script tends to load when you have lower performance on disk. There is a default program by cPanel which starts checking the spammers. Once it finds the activity of spammers, it automatically notifies the server admin.

Cron starts facilitating the functionality one by one with the script mentioned below:

The query has been raised by the script directly to the Eximstats database. Sometimes, the database of Eximstats gets too large in size, in that case, the server loads again and again.

Just consider below script:

/var/cpanel/eximstats_db.sqlite3 (8GB)
Database default retention – 10 days
The server has the capacity to configure for more than 30 days. cPanel's previous version default is 30 days even before.

Now, our main motive is to reduce the Eximstats days of retention.

Step 1: Do WHM login with the credentials. Go to the settings “Tweak”.

Step 2: You can see the option “Stats and Logs”. Count the days to retain the database of Eximstats.

Step 3: Just by toggling options in default or reducing the day's number, you can reduce the retention days.

Step 4: Tap on the save for matching out the active changes.

By now, you would have solved this problem after fixing out the lower retention days.
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