How to Configure Plesk DNSSEC?

How to Configure Plesk DNSSEC?

DNSSEC or Domain Name System Security Extensions play crucial role in domain management. It is tasked with authenticating responses to domain name lookups. So it prevents hackers from manipulating or influencing the responses.

So in a way, DNSSEC acts as a layer of security even though it isn’t a privacy protection protocol. Some of the features of DNSSEC are:
  • Sign and unsign domain zones as specified in DNSSEC
  • Configure the settings for both key generation and rollover
  • View DS resource record along with DNSKEY resource record sets and copy them
  • Obtain notifications related to DNSSEC keys and records
How do you Configure Plesk DNSSEC?

You can easily configure DNSSEC by following simple steps. But before that, you need to sign the zone for using DNSSEC protection for that DNS Zone. Here are steps involved:
  • Go to Websites & Domain
  • Select Domain
  • Navigate to DNSSEC and click on Sign the DNS Zone
  • In the next page, you’ll be asked to generate keys if you haven’t signed the zone before. For this purpose, either use default keys or select custom ones
  • But in case you have signed the DNS Zone, you can use them instead
  • Now, Plesk will display the DS records which consist of hashes of keys from the previous step
  • You need to copy the records and add them to the parent domain zone
To unsign the domain zone, here’s what you need to do:
  • Open Websites & Domains and select the domain
  • Select DNSSEC and tap on Unsign
  • Now, remove the DS records from parent zone
You can always retrieve the DNSKEY resource record. For this, navigate into Websites & Domains >> Our domain >> DNSSEC. Then select View DNSKEY Records.

So that’s you work with and configure Plesk DNSSEC. For further assistance, get in touch with Plesk hosting team.
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