Complete Guide to Adding Keywords and Meta Description in WordPress

Complete Guide to Adding Keywords and Meta Description in WordPress

After you’ve created a WordPress website, you need optimize for the search engines. The process is called search engine optimization or SEO. This requires you to add keywords and meta description to the website and the individual web pages. In this article, we thoroughly explain how to add those two things in your WordPress website.

Importance of Adding Keywords and Meta Description

Before explaining how to add keywords and the meta description to your WordPress website, it’s worth explaining why they’re important in the first place.

Most web admins gets orders or requests from the digital marketing team to add certain keywords into specific tags. That’s purposely done to improve the rankings on search engines like Google.

People use those terms to search for the business and its products. Once properly optimized, search engines can crawl these information and serve it on top of SERP. Without this optimization, the website will find it harder to rank.

As a website admin, you must implement the keywords and meta description at appropriate and specified places. It is recommended that you add keywords and descriptions to all the pages.

In the subsequent sections learn how.

Use Plugins

The best and easiest way to add keywords and meta description to your WordPress website is to use a plugin. More specifically, a SEO plugin. There are various plugins out there like Yoast, All in One SEO, SEOPress. For thee purpose of demonstrating, we’ll be using the All in One SEO. But feel free to check out other plugins too.

To start using the plugin, you need to install it. So install it from the plugin library and activate it.

Navigate into the dashboard and then into the All in One SEO >> Search Appearance >> Advanced. Here, you’d need to enable the “Use Meta Keywords” option from No to Yes. It’d open up several other options like “Use Categories for Meta Keywords” and “Use Tags for Meta Keywords”. Confirm with your digital marketing team whether or not you need these.

Adding Meta Description

Here are the steps involved to adding meta description:

Open the page where you need to add the keywords and description

If you’re using All in One SEO, scroll down till you see the “AIOSEO” Settings. Click on it to open

Under the “General” tab, you’ll see a snippet preview, which is generated automatically

Set the Page Title and Meta Description in their respective fields. This will update the preview

That’s how you set meta description for that particular page. Follow the same procedure for updating meta description for other pages.

Adding Keywords

In this section, learn how to add keywords for your WordPress website. Start off by opening the AIOSEO Settings section and then the Advanced tab. You’ll find a field to add keywords in the “Keywords” section. Search for the keywords you want to include and include it in the box.

Adding Keywords and Meta Description for Homepage

You’d also have to add meta keywords and meta description for your website homepage.

Navigate into Search Appearance >> Global Settings from your WordPress dashboard. Scroll down until you find the “Homepage” section.

Enter the meta description and keywords at appropriate places. Along with that, you can also add tags by typing # in your meta description.

So that’s basically how you update meta description and meta keywords for your WordPress website. Please note that these aren’t your Focus Keywords. You can find Focus Keyword under the General tab.
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