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    Here’s How to Resolve the Recovery Pending State in SQL Server Database

    SQL server database is a widely used database because of its advanced and well-organized features. It helps maintain data integrity in a secured mode. But from time to time, you’re going to come across some roadblocks, which might disrupt your workflow. In this article, learn what the “Recovery...
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    How to Disabling Mod_security in Apache Server?

    One of the most important Apache modules is the Mod_security, mainly because it enhances your Apache server from cyber attacks. It can effectively block common exploits like code injection attacks using regular expressions and a set of rules that you can modify. At times, you’d need to disable...
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    Are you getting an error message as “Unable to connect database” – PleskDBException?

    There is more number of reasons behind this notification such as directories of data that haven’t been restored or recovered properly, space filled up completely in the disk, and corruption in the InnoDB engine. Let’s see how to connect the database without getting an error: When you try to...
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    How to Fix PHP Has Encountered an Access Violation Error on Plesk?

    “PHP has Encountered an Access Violation at XXXXX”. You might have seen this error as an admin or user. It is a critical system issue and need to be deal with at the earliest. If left unchecked, it can lead to total system corruption. In this article, learn how to fix this access violation issue...
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    Complete Guide to Removing Nginx on Linux Using Vesta Control Panel

    Nginx is a popular load balancer used in many web servers to manage websites and web application. Besides that, it is also used as a mail proxy, reverse proxy, and HTTP Cache. At times, you’d have to uninstall this useful web server. When you get to that stage, you might be wondering how to...
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    Does your VestaCP FTP backup fail often?

    VestaCP is a top-notch hosting panel that has the feature of combining user-friendly customization altogether and a control panel flexible for all. This hosting panel is recommended for taking backup for server FTP or local. Most of the time, it ends up in configuration wrongly because of...
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    Complete Guide to Setting Up SSL In VestaCP (And Fixing Setup Errors)

    SSL certificate is a must for every website. It validates that your website is secure and trustworthy. If you’re using Vesta Control Panel, you must be wondering if installing an SSL certificate in it is quite hard. But it isn’t. As you’ll see in this guide, you can install SSL on your website...
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    Solving the “Crontab Not Sending Email” Error

    When you have a mundane, repetitive task at hand, it’s best to make use of an automated script. Behind the scenes, that’s what Cron does. It is programmed to automatically execute tasks at a particular interval or specific time. But when the tasks don’t match how it is configured, then Cron...
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    Methods of adding Cron job to VestaCP

    Before getting into the topic let us learns what Cron is and how does it work? Cron is Linux based utility that schedules a script or a command on the server to run on a specific date and time. So, a Cron job will work as a scheduled take by itself and be used for repetitive tasks...
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    How to resolve error 522 in Cloudflare

    Here in this section, we are going to explain how the error 522 in Cloudflare is resolved. Generally, these kinds of errors mainly occur due to IP blockage, bad settings in the server, overload in the server, and more. Usually, to improve the website's performance and security Cloudflare is...
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    How to Resolve Access Denied Error

    Sucuri website acts as a good web application firewall and so it performs the best in the protection of WordPress website. Since the Sucuri firewall is based on a cloud web app firewall, it will automatically stop any kind of attack attempts and hacking on the websites. Have ever come across an...
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    Ways to convert timezone in mysql

    We can change Mysql timezone by using CONVERT_TZ function. You have to use below SQL command to change timezone SELECT CONVERT_TZ( NOW(),'current-time-zone','changed-time-zone' ); If you want to change your timezone to USA new York, you can run below command. SELECT CONVERT_TZ(...
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    If you are getting error “YOU SHOULD UPGRADE TO MYSQL 5.5.0 OR LATER” in phpmyadmin then you can follow steps to resolve this issue. First check and go to below path to locate file. Windows server - C:\inetpub\wwwroot\phpMyAdmin\libraries\ Linux server -...
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    Steps to set UT8MB4 for mysql

    You can check below steps to set UT8MB4 with phpMyAdmin . Login to cpanel account. You will get phpMyAdmin option under “Databases”. A new window will appear to manage your database. Here you have to select UT8MB4 Unicode and there is no need to save,it will be auto-saved.
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    Steps to repair .mdf files in SQL database.

    If you want to repair corrupt MDF files then you have to use DBCC (Database console commands) in SQL server management studio. Many DBCC commands are available like DBCC CHECKDB, DBCC DBREPAIR. To resolve this issue you can follow below steps: Open SQL server management studio. Here you will...