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    Access Denied for User #1044 & #1045 MariaDB/MySQL DB Error

    Whenever you use PhpMyAdmin, to work on the database it is must to have user permission for write and edit. If you didn’t have user permission in correct way, it may lead to error like #1044 and #1045. Let us find the solution for this error by using command line terminal such as: Server...
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    How can we set default documents in Plesk?

    Firstly browser find the default document and if you o not specify it then you will get error. You can set the default in plesk with below steps: Login to Plesk. Click on “IIS Settings” option. Here you can find Default documents field to enter the documents. At last click on “OK”.
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    How to enable directory browsing in Plesk?

    Normally few hosting providers disable directory browsing option for security reason, but if you still want to enable it then you can check this: Login to Plesk. Click on “IIS Settings” option in Plesk. Here under Common settings section you will get checkbox “Directory browsing”. You have to...
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    Steps to disabled triggered rules in plesk

    You can check below steps to disabled triggered rules: Login to Pesk. You have to click on “Web Application Firewall”. First you have to check about the triggered rule and then disable it. You have to enter the rules under “Switch off security rules” section, you have to enter the particular...
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    How to check modsecurity triggered rules in Plesk?

    Modsecurity is a security feature which helps in monitoring, access control and logging. Modsecurity features have set of rules to secure your website, but sometimes false rules also triggered which affects your work. You can check below steps to check triggered rules: Login to Plesk. You have...
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    How to Quickly Fix the Configuration Verification Failed Issue in Nagios?

    Nagios is a really popular and free IT infrastructure monitoring system. As an admin, you might come across various errors associated with it. One of them is when your configuration verification fails. If you’re facing this error, then here’s the article for you. Find out how to fix this in the...
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    Mail server security and configuration

    Do you want to know the process of securing your mail server? Then and there, we are living through the internet and emails. Just imagine a day without the internets and phones; it must be a black day for us right! Sometimes, if we fail to configure proper settings it might lead to problems...
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    Steps to change website status in Plesk server

    Here you can follow below steps to change website status in server. Login to Plesk. Click on “Hosting Settings”. Here you can find “Website status” option, click on it. You can find 3 options Disabled, suspended and Active. Disabled: in this state website will not work, visitors can see only...
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    Steps to forward your domain in Plesk

    You can follow below steps to forward your domain in Plesk: Login to Plesk. Click on “Hosting Settings”. Here you will find “Hosting Type” option, click on “Change”. From dropdown you can choose “Forwarding” option. You can also set preferred domain to www or without www and click on “Ok”.
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    Steps to permanent redirect domain in Plesk

    You can follow below steps to redirect your domain to https in Plesk: Login to Plesk. Click on “Hosting Settings”. For that first you have to check SSL/TLS support option. Under “Security” section click on “Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS” checkbox. Here choose the...
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    How to change ASP.NET version in Plesk?

    You can follow below steps to change ASP.NET version: Login to Plesk. Click on "Hosting Settings". Here under Web scripting and statistics section you will get option “Microsoft ASP.NET support (Version)” You can choose required version from dropdown. Click on “OK”.
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    How to create Password protected directories in Plesk?

    You can follow below steps to password protected directories: Login to Plesk. Click on "Password Protected Directories". Here click on “Add Protected Directory”. Now enter details of your protected directory like Directory name and Title of protected area. Click on “Ok”.
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    A Quick Fix to Nagios XI: Unable to Delete Host Error

    Nagios is a really useful software for IT infrastructure monitoring. If you’re using it for your application, then you will be saving a lot of time managing it. But as with most other software packages, you’re likely going to run into errors from time to time. And one of them is the “Nagios XI...
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    How to Fix the Bad Interpreter No Such File or Directory Error in Nagios?

    If you’re seeing the Bad interpreter error in Nagios, then you’re not alone. It’s a common problem faced by admins managing Windows environment. Generally, you get the bad interpreter error when porting scripts from your Windows environment to a Unix format. In this article, learn how to fix it...
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    How to redirect your domain to www in Plesk?

    You can follow below steps: Login to Plesk. Click on “Hosting Settings”. Here you will find option “Preferred domain” option to redirect your domain to www.
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    Do you get crawl errors often? JS files and CSS files are not accessed by Googlebot

    Sometimes, your Google Search Console says that Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files anymore. For a perfect understanding, it is a must for Googlebot to fetch Javascript and CSS files. If Google couldn’t fetch CSS and Javascript files, then it will show an error in Google Search Console. To...
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    What the Plesk Onyx Repair Tool is Used For?

    There’s a lot of work that goes into managing a website. To make the task easier, there are dedicated tools on offer, both free and paid. And one of the tools is the Plesk Onyx Repair tool. This tool can repair many Plesk services like Mysql, Mail, DNS among others. In this article, learn about...
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    Joomla error: pcre.backtrack_limit reached

    If you are facing this error then you can add below line in your configuration.php file. ini_set ('pcre. backtrack_limit', 1000000);
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    SMTP Error (550): Failed to add recipient

    SMTP Error (550): Failed to add recipient "" (Verification failed for <> The mail server could not deliver mail to The account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the proper dns entries.Sender verify failed). You have to check the MX...
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    Error : Response: 421 Home directory not available – aborting Error: Could not connect to server

    You have to assign the correct directory path while creating another FTP account in cpanel. If you have enter the invalid path then the above error will occur. You can edit the FTP path from cpanel: Login to cpanel. FTP accounts and enter the correct directory path.