• A powerful technology with perfect web hosting solutions:-

    The XL Host came to existence in 1993 and has been brining on a perfect solution relating to the quality internet access and the hosting services. They are considered to be the first dedicated server and the virtual web hosting companies in the world. They have been designing the very first remote reset device ever created that steadily grew from a local internet service provider in 1900. They have been remaining with the foremost of making new technologies available to its customers and partners.

    The company has been continuing with the development process that would bring a perfect solution resulting in ensuring the expansion to a virtually unlimited size and that is what the control costs. They have been simply forecasting the new technology that is available for its customers and partners.

    You can just make that in just some price with the latest technology and an amazing self support tools available in Grande. They have been realizing that there are many choices that have been bringing the availability to shop for dedicated servers with a virtual private server.

    Hosting solutions:-

    They have been providing with a dedicated server that is:-
    • They guarantee with a dedicated server and will set it up within 24 hours of payment processing.
    • This includes a free setup with full root access and a 24 x 7 provision of technical support with 99.9 % uptime guaranteed.
    • Their support team with technicians is available to assist every one 24 hours across the day.
    • If you as a customer are not satisfied with the service then you are going to get back your money within 7 days and that is guaranteed.
    They are providing with a window hosting process that features with flexibility and an easy to use parallel plesk on the control panel. There is even an unlimited sub domain provided here. In addition to that you can have FTP accounts and email addresses. There is an additional and unlimited feature which includes MySQL, Microsoft SQL and access database. All their windows hosting plans you can also get a free website building tool, around 4000 free website templates, one click installation process and many other popular scripts with an extra features of web hosting.

    Technical advancement:-

    You are going to avail the best of opportunities relating to powerful administrative tools like that of AWstats, webalizer, raw log manager, password protected directories, file manager which is web based and many more. This is added up with programming features like ASP .NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, PYTHON and much other advanced software. These features have added advancement to the technical concept which is just an amazing one to make its service distinctive from others. They are among the most accepted and talented service that has been providing a better effort to handle the business in a better direction. Their moment to create an amazing platform which is most exclusive with its priority to serve every business to get expressed in an innovative manner.

    Basic server aspects:-

    For you can say that their server is an important aspect. It’s because of;-
    • Providing with a supportive with private LAN for IPMI and a protective management of power.
    • Monitor the service with providing alerts through texts and emails.
    • A dignified cloud DNS management interface
    • A dedicated network layer intrusion detection system
    • iPv6 support
    • free inbound bandwidth
    • An uptime SLA of 99.9 %.
    • Support generated 24 x 7 across 365 days
    • Providing with a reliable public and private VLAN network
    • Hardening of server depending on deployment.
    • Reporting with the band width every time
    • 9 transits provided with an intelligently blended route
    • Supporting service with AWS support, Microsoft and Google.
    • Free provision of private traffic which is encouraged between multiple servers and data centers.

    They have been the leaders to serve the best possible service with networks, servers, operating systems and with the most valuable data centers that evolved with a blistering pace in the early 2000.

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