• Premium hosting plans with 10 time’s faster response to clients:-

    With their service, they came to existence in 2004 and have been offering with a standard for premium hosting services. This company in just 11 years has been the masters to host over 1,200,000 web sites and have been serving with more than 730 terabytes of web hosting goodness across the world since the last years. It was in 2010, when the company designed to build upon the service and offered the webmasters an extra level of service and reliability which they dreamed of. This kitted out with all the new state of art server with a lightning speed of network and with a 24 x 7 dedicated support team. This is probably the ultimate destination for the best service that has been energetically proving its best with the speed, reliability and the most exclusive support.

    As they say, if you stay longer with signing up at their site, then you are promisingly going to save more. This service exists with most popular plans that would get you some extra perks with them.

    They are the best with standard features providing with:-
    • Unlimited domains
    • Unlimited disk space and band width
    • Unlimited offer with emails, FTP, databases
    • PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5, Perl, Python 2.6
    • Automated R1Soft daily backups
    • cPanel 11.44 control panel
    • site builder with 161 templates
    • 300 scripts of softaculous.
    These features are just excellent with added support for step by step guiding with what they provide and the staffs with their friendly approach ready to serve every time with their help of any kind. The service is completely loaded with speed and efficiency.

    Free hosting:-

    The company has been taking the credit with offering 100 % pure cloud SSD server which is a free web hosting service. This is powered by the top of the line enterprise hardware that are arranged into flexible private cloud that has been providing immensely stable and blazing faster performance

    When it comes to the hosting package, they are providing with a full web hosting service that accounts the latest version of PHP, MySQL and the cPanel. They are mostly beneficial with offering the one click web software installation and an easy to use website builder.

    Their hosting service is safe and don’t have any kind of extra charges being substituted to their service.

    Performance oriented solution:-

    It’s their service that has been bringing on a chance to grow with them. It’s because they have been providing with better opportunities and a proper direction to grow and make the best of performance with efforts, dedication and support (technically and non technically). It’s their critical analysis to the market that has taken them long with exploring the internet system and making it most efficient.

    With their service, every business is going to get a better identity and can be explored in an appropriate manner. Their priority has been defiend in most friendly manner to cover up all processes that are necessary for making it most effective. It’s all because of their advanced form of technology which is managed in a better way through technology associated process.

    Their specialization relates to technical support, server setup, data base administration, advanced networking, security, migrations, system restoration and many more. Their data centers are entirely self owned and are staffed by highly skilled engineer throughout the time. These are designed with a redundancy that is installed at several levels. These data centers are building to ensure that there is no failure going to take place which might have affected the server. It’s their power generated as a condition with reliability through the use of centralized PDU and UPS solutions. These all are connected with the art of technology to proceed with a better possibility further.


    They have implemented a lot of efficient and effectively performing software and hardware which is going to give a better performance with dedication to the server. It’s their dedicated form of server which has been creative to make one of the most excellent arrangements to every system.

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