• A mile stone in the web hosting services:-

    They came to the field with their local design and hosting services in 1999 and since then they have never stopped working. It’s the UKhost4u.com that has been working with the web hosting services globally to bring on a talent discovered in every aspect. They have been adding a positive impact to bring on a great change to the existing services and relatively making that something very unique and advantageous for all. They are the masters in communication and IT service fields with offering a wide range of technical services. This is completely dedicated to their users and it’s their pride on being a client focused provider for all the networking and online service needs.

    Long back 25 years they provided with website designing and hosting for the individuals as like a concern to the enterprise. Then the VoIP, cloud computing, security (spam protection, data backup and SSL certificates) domain registration and even their certified technical support are all what has been a great support to them in moving ahead. Best of all is their solutions are completely automated and are easy to use with all the services being provided with state of the art and have a user friendly web based control panel. They are rich in a variety of features with easily deployed and does result in a cost saving with a minimum maintenance requirement over heads.

    Services and networks:-

    Their services and networks include VPS and servers hosting that are all provided on the multi million pound network. Their network now uses the level 3, NTT and cogent and have been pairing with LINX and LONAP and even includes AS numbers. They maintain 100 % ownership and do have a control on their entire network and its related equipments. One of the most significant feature is, they do not resell bandwidth or leases the products of other companies. Each and every thing is conducted and is kept in-house, so that you can rest with assurance and all others are under the reliability, security and backup concerns. Their network has been built by juniper core router and the most appreciable Cisco switches with providing a high level of performance, stability and security. Their system is guided by the certified engineers from the company who have been supporting their network and providing them with time to time advices and solutions.

    Their solutions since the date:-

    As a web hosting company, they have been growing on as in:-

    1990- They started hosting system offering local design and hosting services.

    2000- Their launch to offer web hosting services UK wide.

    2004- The low cost space increasing the customer base and adding low cost web hosting services

    2006- The hosting system and low cost space merged into UKHost4 u to create a single brand.

    2008- Their service started up to be the major network expansion with direct network carrier and moving to a great way.

    2009- They launched to offer with web hosting in Australia

    2015- They started with the new Scotland based data centre.

    Package for website building:-

    Other than their performance, their packages are also attracting clients with differentiating your businesses. There are thousands of custom site designs for the web site being provided by them. And the interface being provided is the simple drag and drop. There are others like add an online store, face book integration, search, and site analytics. You can choose from a vast selection of different web design layouts, color schemes and even the stock images to construct a web presence in just some of the easy going steps. You can also add some special effects like that of flash video media, forums, mapping features, social media and networking widgets. You can give your feedback on the service with huge or little of experience from the company.


    It’s their service with dedication that has been brining on a perfect solution with targeted traffic to reach the site and solutions in the best possible manner.

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