Prior to entering the concept of “How to Install Thunderbird to leave messages on server”, we should know what is Mozilla Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is a free and open-source platform for e-mail client, news client, RSS and chat client. It has certain features such as Quick Search, search folders, advanced message filtering, message grouping and find messages. It helps one to manage email and to find emails.

Ways to Install Thunderbird to Leave Messages on Server:

If you think that it is certain to leave messages on Server, Install Thunderbird. Do you have doubt on how to set-up Thunderbird, follow this article. Here is 2 step guide through which you can learn how to set up Thunderbird on Server. If you want to enjoy the effectiveness of Thunderbird, make its set-up on portable USB drive. It will be helpful in the case, when you have multiple clients required to check email for the same account. When you follow this method, you can download all emails while you turns into main desktop.

Just follow 2 steps to most kinds of email clients, but still, there may be small variations between each E-Mail clients. Do not forget that, this is suitable for POP accounts. If you set email program to use IMAP, they can remain on the server, till you delete them.

Two Steps Are As Follows:

1. Launch Thunderbird and choose “Tools” from the top menu. Choose “Account settings” from drop down list.

2. Choose “Server settings” from the left Window. In the right window, under “server settings”, place a check in the box labeled as “Leave messages on server”. Then click OK. Set Thunderbird in order to leave the messages on the server. Put a tick in the box and give number of days which you wish to store the mail on the server.

By Using Mozilla Thunderbird:

With Mozilla Thunderbird, it is easier to save a copy of message on the mail server. If you would like to read e-mail on Mozilla Thunderbird, this is very essential. In case, if you do not set-up Mozilla Thunderbird to leave messages on server, it may be difficult to see the messages.

Just follow further to know the ways to install Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • As soon as you finishes the set up process of Mozilla Thunderbird, continue with below steps.
  • However this is common for POP Mailboxes.
  • Change the Mozilla Thunderbird Settings.
In order to leave messages on the server, continue with the below steps.
  • Open the server settings window for e-mail account
  • Make sure whether the checkbox “Leave Messages on Server” is ticked or not.
Follow These Procedure:

1. Start the Mozilla Thunderbird Program:

As the thunderbird opens, click on Tools and go into account settings in menu bar.

2. The account settings window will appear.

3. Click the Plus Sign appears in the left of account to expand the list.

4. Click on Server Settings.

5. Now, check the box contains the condition “Until I delete or move them from Inbox Option”.

6. Finally, you have completed the task…
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