Steps to install ClamAV plugin in WHM

Steps to install ClamAV plugin in WHM

Install ClamAV Plugin from WHM

You might have gone through many antivirus scanners. But in ClamAV, there is a special feature to get along with all the detection like malware, virus, and Trojans. This anti-virus engine is open source for all users so, no worries about the user-friendly concept. This plugin will be helpful for cPanel a server which permits a user for scanning emails and home directory.

Coming to the features of ClamAV, it has a toolkit of open-source antivirus, cross-platform and free to use. It acts as a server-side mail server for scanning viruses in emails. This is designed for the operating system UNIX and available for third parties like Solaris, OSF, OpenVMS, macOS, Linux, HP-UX, BSD, and AIX. For Microsoft Windows, you can use ClamAV 0.97.5. Don’t worry about getting updates it's free for users.

Let us install the ClamAV plugin:

Step 1:
Use your credentials to login WHM. Search for the menu cPanel and it shows many options.

Step 2: Choose the option “manage plugins” so that, you can manage the account of cPanel plugins.

Step 3: There will be a plugin list in front of you. Choose the plugin “ClamAV” to install in your account. If you need to uninstall then go for the same procedure.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete. Simultaneously, the entry of the log will be displayed after processing. Once if the installation gets completed, you will get a message by saying “Plugin installed successfully”.

So, you have completed the installation of ClamAV now! It’s a very simple method available for all users. Get this adjustable ClamAV plugin for immediate usage!
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