Maintenance Mode for WooCommerce: Here’s the Easiest Way

Maintenance Mode for WooCommerce: Here’s the Easiest Way

From time to time, it’s necessary to patch up your WooCommerce store to keep it relevant and fresh for the internet visitors. Or if you haven’t launched your online store yet but actively advertising to early adopters, it’s crucial to let them know that the site will be up soon. In such cases, you should consider switching your WooCommerce store to maintenance mode.

In this article, we explain the easiest way to set up maintenance mode for WooCommerce.

Use the SeedProd Plugin

The easiest way to set up a maintenance mode page is by using the SeedProd plugin. It’s a freemium WordPress page builder plugin that allows you to create various landing pages. First, go to SeedPro website and purchase a paid license. Don’t forget to grab the license key.

After that, go ahead and install the plugin and activate it.

Once done, follow these steps:
  • Open the WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate to Settings > Coming Soon Pro
  • Click on the License tab and provide the license key you copied previously
  • Now go back to the Coming Soon & Maintenance Page tab
  • Click on Edit Coming Soon/Maintenance Page button
  • The next page displays a lot of pre-built landing page. Select any one of these.
  • To make changes to the pre-built landing page, go to the Content tab
  • Then click on Save
  • Now come back to Settings > Coming Soon Pro
  • Under the Status option, select either ‘Enable Maintenance Mode’ or ‘Enable Coming Soon Mode’
  • You can include URLs for which you want to display this page
  • Finally, click on Save All Changes
Now the pages you’ve listed are in Maintenance Mode. Visit the page on the browser to confirm.

So that’s how you set up Maintenance Mode in WooCommerce the easy way.
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