FREE top 5 available tools for testing website speed.

5 Free tools available for testing website speed

  1. Bhawani Singh
    Building a website is a wise decision to make an online presence for expanding your network all over the world. Only building a website is not enough but the website should perform well means it should be optimized and speed should be perfect. It is very crucial to test your website’s speed before make it usable for users. There are many tools available by which you can test your website’s speed and optimize the website.

    Website Speed Testing tools to assist you analyze the load speed of your websites and know how to make your website faster. Means it can be said, it is an identification of web page is slow, fast, too big etc. There are some good practices which you don't follow. So now just try and you will get a good result after applying this strategy on your website. Get ready to make your site perfect and best.

    Crucial Points:
    • Website individual pages can be tested for the loading speed.
    • Get the speed and performance suggestions on how to make your website perfect.
    • SEO rankings can be improved by increasing page load speeds.
    • Bounce rate will be decreased and it is 100% sure to increase your page views more and more after increasing page load speeds.

    Google PageSpeed

    Google is well known by all and there is no any doubt for Google working and strategy. Google is a powerful search engine and it has own website’s performance testing tool. It is a free tool that grades your website’s performance it is called Google PageSpeed. PageSpeed analyzes around 30 different ways to increase your website’s speed and performance. Make a great decision after completing your website because speed and performance are crucial points.

    With these tools, you can get the right ways to make your site faster. This is the best way to optimize your website.


    Like other website free test tools, WebPagetest is one of the free online tools that test your every single page of the website and produce the report of the load time of your website. WebPagetest displays the page load time as well as 6 different performance grades which are very easy to understand and modify on the website to get good performance.

    WebPagetest enables you to find an overall grade for web pages as well as a suggested changes list which is required to increase your website’s speed and make your website performance good.

    WebPagetest automatically detects the country from which to run your test and this is the good point which makes WebPagetest different to other. With the good feature of WebPagetest, you can track how your speeds vary across the world and you will get the full report at the end of the session.

    Pingdom Tools:

    As it is clear that there are a number of website monitoring service providers or we can say tools available to test website speed tests. First, we are going to describe Pingdom so it is a website monitoring service which offers speed tests for your website free of cost. It tests all web pages of your website and displays the load time with a performance grade by following all the rules.

    Pingdom allows you to free speed test with the correct result produce after testing all the factors. If you want, your website continuously monitors their speed and performance by Pingdom so you can think that you have come to right place. Pingdom offers monthly plans starting at $15/month or $14/month when paid annually.

    How does it work?

    It needs real web browsers and all tests are done through, and this is the reason the results match the user experience exactly. Pingdom has some special strategy and uses a bunch of instances of the browser to load websites, performance, and so on.

    Pingdom does all the tests from dedicated servers.


    Analyze your site’s speed and performance for solving the issue and make it faster. GTmetrix is one of the well known and free tools which provide you grades your website’s speed. GTmetrix enables you to get the real reason on how well your site loads and provides the response and how to optimize it to get the real load time for the website.

    GTmetrix cannot be defined only to provide your page speed, but it also analyzes website around 30 different ways to increase your website’s speed and performance better. Even you are also able to see your website’s YSlow grade so this is good to analyze your website.

    If you want to track the history of your reports so you need to sign up for the free account and you can see report up to 5 websites.

    GTmetrix paid plans are also available which is starting a $15/month and this will include the more ability to track more URLs, hourly monitoring, PDF reports etc.

    GTmetrix to know about your website performance

    GTmetrix Report shows you clear picture of your website performance. You are able to detect the bottlenecks on how your site loads and helps to increase the performance.

    GTmetrix Key features:

    You can see PageSpeed and YSlow scores and Recommendations which enable you to do best for your website.

    Get the real Page Load Details (time, size, number of requests)

    GTmetrix with Various Analysis Options

    GTmetrix with Waterfall, Video and Report History


    YSlow free plugin offers you to analyze web pages and produce a list for which it is slow based on Yahoo!'s rules.

    This is free for your browser and you can check the performance of every page web page easily. It provides more than 20 different performance grades and you will get an exact solution for improving your website performance and speed both.

    All these tools are free and easy to use to optimize your website so make your website optimized by analyzing your every webpage using these tools. The user will attract if your website is well optimized. So have your wise decision and give wing to your website to fly in internet sky.