whm backup

  1. K

    Backup using WHM backup feature

    You can follow below steps: Login to WHM. Here click on “Backup” and then “Configure Backup”. Now you can enable the Backup Configuration files option. On the Configure Backup page “Enabled” the Backup Configuration Files option. These are the steps to take backup via WHM backup feature.
  2. K

    A Complete Guide to Transferring WHM Backup to Remote Server Using FTP

    Backups are an integral part of managing a web hosting account. It’s recommended that you take backups before making changes to your website and from time to time. If you accidentally wrongly configure the settings or delete something, then you can use this backup to restore the website. There...
  3. bhawanisingh

    Steps to Install cPremote on server

    "cPremote" is a Backup Plugin whci help to take backup for cpanel account. cPremote is a Paid Plugin thus you will need Licensed Version to use it. This Plugin supports Compressed, Incremental and Uncompressed Backups with 7 Days Retention. cPremote's WHM Interface helps both the Server Admin...
  4. bhawanisingh

    How to take Backup of your Cpanel Account

    You want to take backup of your cPanel account but having no idea how to do that. Well, that's not as much difficult as you are having a well designed backup wizard in your hosting control panel. cPanel control panel provide many tools in graphical interface through which you can manage your...