rsync command

  1. K

    How to run stuck backup process using rsync?

    If you are getting below error while running backup process then you can follow below steps: /usr/bin/rsync -rlptD --exclude=lastrun/* --exclude=bwusagecache/* --exclude=serviceauth/* --exclude=dnsrequests_db/*--exclude=configs.cache/*--delete...
  2. bhawanisingh

    rsync Command in Linux

    rsync Command rsync means remote sync. rsync is a utility provided by linux to synchronize the files and folders from one location to another on same or remote server. rsync is basically used to perform backup task on Linux servers. Key features of rsync are : 1). Speed : the main and...
  3. J

    Linux rsync exclude files and folders

    rsync is a tool for get backup and synch files between different servers or locations. If you want to exclude files from backup then you have to exclude the file or directory type from rsync. We define some example of exclude files or directory with rsync. Exclude file: If you want to exclude...
  4. J

    what is rsync command and how to transfer files via rsync on linux system

    Define rsync : ‘rsync’ refers to remote sync is a command that is used to synchronizing and copying files on remotely and local machines on Unix and Linux system. ‘rsync’ command is used to copy and synchronize data on locally and remotely on Linux and Unix system via the disk, via directories...