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    Restoring Database in SQL Server using .mdf and .ldf Files

    SQL is one of the most common programming in use for server and database. It can be used with any RDBMS to manipulate SQL database over the server. When managing a database, you may have the need -- at some point in time -- to restore it. Instead of a direct restore, you can use the .mdf file...
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    Steps to take backup and restore with mysqldump

    First take backup of your database with below command: #mysqldump -u username -p[username_password] databasename > /path_to_your_db/databasename_backup.sql Here you have to use your user name in place of “username”, your databasename and path of your database. You have to use below command to...
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    A Complete Guide to Repairing the sql.bak File in SQL Server

    .bak files are backup files in SQL ecosystem. They contain the backup information for the data you have backed-up. At times, they can get corrupted and not work as intended. In this article, learn how to repair a corrupted sql.bak file in the SQL server. Why sql.bak files Corrupted? These...