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    Steps to check PHP Modules in website

    Most of the time we use phpinfo() to check all the PHP modules but if you want to check any particular module then you can follow below steps: You can put a php file like test.php and check desired modules. <?php echo "DOM: ", extension_loaded('dom') ? 'OK' : 'MISSING', '<br>'; echo "GD: "...
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    PECL module is not showing in PHPINFO

    Most of the times the PECL extension is not installed on server that’s why PECL module is not showing enabled. You can manually check that extension is installed or not on server with PECL command-line tool. The PECL CLI tool is located at /opt/cpanel/phpXX/, you can check below example: We...
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    How to check mod_rewrite is enabled or not?

    You can easily check the mod_rewrite is enabled from phpinfo.php file. You have to put phpinfo() function in file and you can check the information about your PHP installation. You can also use "apache_get_modules" function to your file. You have to enter below code in your file: <?php...
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    What is phpinfo(); ?

    Phpinfo() : Phpinfo() function contains the information about configuration setting and availability of variables on the system. The phpinfo() function also contains the information about state of PHP that includes: · Extensions and PHP compilations · Server information · Upgraded PHP...
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    How to check php modules with phpinfo

    When PHP modules are unable to load your PHP application then first you find that PHP modules are available or not in your PHP application. To check the PHP modules information with the help of PHP info file. Phpinfo File: Phpinfo file contains the information about PHP environment for your...