php handler

  1. K

    Is it possible to use opcache in suphp handler?

    No, you cannot use opcache in suphp as its not compatible. If you want to use opcache then you have to install any other PHP handler like CGI. You can easily change handler in WHM : Login to WHM. Here click on “EasyApache 4”. Here you can customize your handler according to your need.
  2. bhawanisingh

    How to change PHP handler in cpanel EasyApache 4 ?

    PHP handler is a type of apache module which contains library that apache uses to run PHP code. By default four PHP handlers available in cpanel/ WHM, such as FastCGI, SuPHP, DSO and CGI. These PHP handlers affect on apache’s performance and determine how apache works on PHP. In this article we...
  3. bhawanisingh

    How to check PHP handler in cPanel/WHM ?

    PHP handler : A PHP handler defines the method that Apache uses to communicate back and forth with PHP scripts. A php handler loads the php modules and that determines how the php pages loaded on the server. Different types of available PHP handlers are suPHP, DSO, CGI FastCGI. On Linux server...
  4. J

    what is PHP handler and brief description of php handler

    PHP handlers: PHP handlers are the certain types of programs that load the PHP codes library on your Apache web server. PHP handlers see how these libraries are being loaded on the server. If you want to run a website with Php script then you need to execute the PHP codes on server. Or in other...