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    Fixing the MySQL ‘1146 Table Doesn’t Exist’ Error in Your Server

    The 1146 Table Doesn’t Exist is a common error faced by MySQL server admins. While there are multiple reasons behind this error, fixing it is actually easy. In this article, we explain those reasons and provide solution to fix the issue. Why the 1146 Table Doesn’t Exist Error Occurs? As...
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    Steps to resolve PhpMyAdmin redirecting issue

    PhpMyAdmin redirecting due to read-only /tmp – Hope, this is mainly because of the MySQL which works directly or indirectly to bring errors. Sometimes, PhpMyAdmin figures out the loop again and again by giving the warning message “The system will redirect you in a moment”. Why because MySQL...
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    Way to fix MySQL down but running as mysqld_safe

    MySQL got down now! You would received a statement from WHM and cPanel. # /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_mysql --status (XID l35tte) The “mysql” service is down. But still, you are running with mysqld_safe till now: # ps fauxww | grep mysq[l] root 1030 0.0 0.1 113632 1593 ? S 12:31 0:00...
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    Steps to kill MySQL connections on server

    If you are making too many database connections then you will get error “too many database connections”, to resolve this error you can manually terminate database connections. Most quick and easy ways to terminate or kill MySQL connections is to restart MySQL services. You can use below command...