mysql error

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    RESOLVED Error ”[IM002] Data source name not found”

    Error Message ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified. If you are getting above error while making connection to mysql database with ASP.NET application then you can add ODBC 5.x DSN connection on Windows VPS. You can follow...
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    How to fix “Cannot connect to MySQL server (10060)”?

    We often used to access MySQL remotely, in some cases, it won’t allow us to connect remotely. It may throw an error by saying “Cannot connect to MySQL server (10060)” There are more reasons to cross-check such as downtime in MySQL service and restrictions on the firewall. If the host...
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    Complete Guide to Fixing the max_join_size MySQL Error

    When working with the MySQL server, its common to encounter one error or another. One of the errors many admins have to regularly deal with is the “max_join_size” error. The complete error message reads ‘The SELECT would examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows’. This error usually happens when...
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    Fixing the MySQL Error 1040: Too many connections

    When working with MySQL servers, you may face errors from time to time. One of them is the MySQL Error 1040: Too Many Connections. So what does this error message means? And how to deal with it? The message basically means that the server has reached maximum number of alloted connections. So it...
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    mysql error “out of resources”

    You are getting this error while opening a file which means mysql file open permission has been exceeded. Open files limit can be managed by open_files_limit variable, we can run below query in phpmyadmin: SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'open%' You will check the limit of open_files_limit variable with...
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    Reasons for the error “mysqld: out of memory”

    You will have gone through the error called “500 server error” or “503 services unavailable”. What will your first step when you get MySQL errors? Of course! Your search will be on server logs and MySQL service logs. You might get an error if the error occurred because of the issues in memory...
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    How to Deal with Database Connection Error?

    The database connection error occurs when a bunch of database files importing or exporting in Plesk by the user. The user will face the below error on the above activity. Internal error: [Account::getPassword] cannot decrypt password to be plain “Error establishing a database connection”- this...
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    How to Fix the MySQL Error 1127?

    When working with MySQL database (especially when restoring it), you may come across certain errors. And one of them is the MySQL Error 1127. When you try to import a backup file that’s created with mysqldump, you may get an error message that reads, “Error 1127: Access denied; you need (at...
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    How to fix mysqldump error 1045?

    Sometimes, you might be in hurry to complete your work. So, the main existence of the problem is from our end! Here too the existence of an error called mysqldump error 1045 is very risky. For backing up the database we will be using mysqldump utility at times you will be getting error over here...
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    What is MySQL Error 1064?

    MYSQL Error 1064 appears because of few specific reasons. It is exactly syntax error. When you give a wrong command, MYSQL will not understand. The command should be in valid format within the SQL. A grammar error in English is as same as Syntax errors in SQL. What is the Reason behind the...
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    [SOLVED] MySQL table repair error "Can't create new tempfile: '/*****/filename.TMD"

    In very rare conditions this error occurs while repairing your MySQL database table or whole database. This error occurs when you are trying to repair any crashed database table or database itself. Mostly, this occurs when WordPress "wp-posts" table crashed and you try to repair it. It is quite...
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    MySQL error : Can’t create new tempfile: ‘*.TMD file

    If you are getting following MySQL Error : Can’t create new tempfile: ‘tablesname.TMD mysql can't create new tempfile on some tables.. File error while repairing corrupted database tables. You can use following command to fix it # myisamchk -r -f YourTable.MYI