magento error

  1. K

    Magento error 503 service unavailable

    Most of the time this error occurs due to the maintenance mode, when it is enabled while installation. You can easily resole this error if you have access of root directory of your Magento installation. Login to cpanel. Click on file manager under “Files” section. Here you have to click on...
  2. K

    Magento error: “PHP extension soap must be loaded”

    If you are getting “PHP extension soap must be loaded” error while installing Magento then you can follow below steps: First you have to check soap extension is installed or not on server, for that you can use below command: php -m | grep soap Here you will get “soap” output. If you will not...
  3. bhawanisingh

    Steps to resolve Magento 504 gateway timeout error

    Steps to resolve Magento 504 gateway timeout error 504 gateway errors in Magento – A load balancer plays a role in displaying 504 gateway timeout errors. You can ask me why? A load balancer is the one which receives the webserver request. If the load balancer doesn’t get webserver request then...
  4. bhawanisingh

    Steps to resolve 500 Magento installation error

    It is an easy method to install Magento in one type of click. But, there are situations where it goes more unpredictable to get errors like 500. You all know that 500 is an error which is code for generic sequence. The server tries to identify the problem but it fails in some instances. In that...
  5. bhawanisingh

    How to fix 404 error on magento admin URL?

    For several reasons, webpage or pages of your Magento website may show 404 errors. The 404 error essentially indicates, the webpage with the URL put does not exist or is broken. That is to say, this 404 error is an error code of generic HTTP. It means that the webpage the user requested for...