1. K

    What is Greylisting in cpanel?

    Greylisting helps to prevent spamming for your email account. After enabling greylisting server rejects unknown emails and after sometime try to send that email again. Greylisting distinguish incoming emails by triplets, and triplet contains the sender’s IP address, recipient’s address and IP...
  2. K

    Ways to enable/disable greylisting for particular domain in mailenable

    If spamming occur then this feature will help you to disable or enable mails for particular domain in mailenable. You can follow below steps for this: Login to RDP. Then, open “Mailenable”. Here under “Messaging Manager” you have to click on “Post Offices”. On particular domain right click and...
  3. bhawanisingh

    Steps to enable Greylisting in WHM

    Steps to enable Greylisting in WHM Administrator of the dedicated server use tools for streaming a large amount of spam. Greylisting is a tool available in WHM and it stops getting spam and incoming emails that are not needed. This tool rejects the mails temporarily from a particular user in...