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    Wordpress Toolkit error “You do not have the feature “redirects””

    If you are getting below error while performing few functions then it means Wordpress toolkit requires few cpanel features, you can check them: WordPress Toolkit MySQL Subdomains MIME Types Cronjobs Directory Privacy Password & Security File Manager Redirects You can enable all the options in...
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    Steps to remove Wordpress Toolkit feature

    You can easily remove Wordpress toolkit feature for cpanel in WHM. For this you have to access Feature List option in WHM: Login to WHM. Here click on “Feature Manager” option under “packages” option. Now click on “Edit Feature List”. Here uncheck “Wordpress Toolkit” option and click on Save.
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    How can we enable application manager in cpanel?

    You can enable it with below steps: First you have to check that “Application manager” is available in Feature Manager or not. If it’s not available then you have to install below packages: ea-ruby24-mod_passenger ea-apache24-mod_env You can use this command to install both packages: yum...
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    How can we add wordpress Toolkit Deluxe in cpanel?

    You can check below steps to add Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe in cpanel Login to WHM. After that click on ”Feature Manager” under “Plugins”. Here you have to click on “Edit feature list”. Now you have to edit the feature list in the package for which you want to enable Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe. You...