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    A Complete Guide to Creating Animated Slideshow in Drupal 8

    Animations make websites vibrant and user-friendly. If you’ve designed your website using Drupal 8, you might be wondering if you can create animated slideshows. The answer is, yes, you can. There are a few modules that allow you to create slideshows with ease. You’d be able to set image...
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    What is the way to enable Anti-Spam Comments in Drupal 8?

    Do you hear anything about Anti-Spam protection? It is nothing but ReCaptcha! In this article, we are going to learn about enabling Anti-Spam comments. Admins from Drupal 8 have the advantage of looking carefully at anti-scriptBot HoneyPot protection. Few web users would love to use Disqus...
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    WAMP Local Server – How can you install Drupal 8?

    What is your ideology to improve the web host stage and its development? Installation of WAMP Local server in your Drupal 8 – Yes of course! In what situation do you need help with local servers like WAMP? Local servers have a direct connection with repositories like remote to make any changes...
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    A Complete Guide to Using Let’s Encrypt Along With Drupal 8

    Let’s Encrypt is a popular, free service by the Internet Security Research Group that offers SSL and TLS certificates. If you’re using Drupal to power websites, you need to choose whether to accept HTTP connections or only HTTPS connections. You can make such decisions in the cPanel. In this...
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    Configuring Drupal 8 in cPanel to Use Cloudflare Services

    Cloudflare is a popular CND service provider. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is used for caching websites and web pages. It significantly speeds up the website loading time. Caching also reduces load on the server. Many web hosting companies include basic Cloudflare CDN in their...
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    Drupal 8 Custom Contact Form

    In general, the contact forms are created for user details such as name, email and contact address. The same procedure has been followed in Drupal 8. Admin uses Drupal 8 module called “Contact form” to create independent forms for other sales and marketing departments. Some website publishers...