create backup

  1. K

    Steps to backup IIS configuration

    You can follow below steps: You have to click on Computer icon under IIS (Internet Information Services). Now click on “Action” and then select “Backup/Restore Configuration” option. Here you have to click on “Create backup” and enter the name of backup file. After that, click on “OK”. NOTE...
  2. K

    Steps to create backup file of SQL server database

    You can follow below steps: Go to Enterprise Manager and expand all SQL server databases. Now click on particular database and right click on it. Now you want to select “All Tasks” and click on “Backup Database”. You have to select “Database-complete” to take complete backup. Now click on “Add”...
  3. bhawanisingh

    How to Create And Restore BackUp in Softaculous ?

    Steps to create a backup in Softaculous: In our hosting CPanel account, Softaculous app installer is coming will helps you to take backup of your applications from the web based interface. To Taka backup in Softaculous kindly follow these steps. Step 1: first log in to your...