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    Steps to create email address signature in webmail

    You have to follow below steps to enable email signature. Login to your email account mailenable. Here you will find “options”, click on it. Expand “Mail tab” and then click on “Email Signature”. You will see checkbox for “Enable email signature”, click on it. In the Text editor type your...
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    Ways to enable/disable greylisting for particular domain in mailenable

    If spamming occur then this feature will help you to disable or enable mails for particular domain in mailenable. You can follow below steps for this: Login to RDP. Then, open “Mailenable”. Here under “Messaging Manager” you have to click on “Post Offices”. On particular domain right click and...
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    Steps to redirect your cpanel or webmail to encrypted connection

    You can purchase certificate from CA certificate authority. You can also go with self signed certificate but it will show browser warning. But this warning is only one time so if you want you can go with it. You can follow below steps to redirect cpanel, WHM, or webmail to encrypted connection...
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    Fixing the cURL Error 28: Connection Timeout - A Complete Guide

    cURL mechanism is used to handle API requests. It allows applications to send and receive data from other web applications using URLs. In WordPress, it does the exact same thing. You install it as an extension to your PHP. Overall, it has a big impact on how your WordPress website works. You...
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    Steps to upgrade WordPress in detail

    You would often get the latest updated version in WordPress right! Your next step is to update the WordPress version without any delay. Your settings will help you to give notifications whenever you receive new updates. Users will look after only for notification because sometimes your plugin...
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    Steps to create email account in MailEnable

    You can follow below steps: Click on “MailEnable”. Click on “+” plus sign to expand Post Offices. Click on “Mail Domain” and here you will find “Create mailbox” option, click on it. You have to enter “Mailbox name”, “Password” and Mailbox type. At last click on “Ok” button.
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    Warning "THE TRANSACTION LOG FOR DATABASE 'X' IS FULL" in Plesk server

    You will see this error while taking backup of MSSQL database with SQL Server Management Studio. The main reason for this error is that your transaction logs limit is reached which means disk space does not available space. Connect your server with RDP. Now start SQL server Management Studio...
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    Steps to enable temporary URL /Website preview in Plesk

    You can follow below steps to enable temporary URL: Login to Plesk. Here you can click on “Tools & Settings”. Click on “Website Preview”. Here choose “Default preview settings”. At last, click on “Ok”.
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    Steps to start/stop IIS Application pool in Plesk

    In windows server IIS Application pool uses to isolate application or website so if pool crashes then it will not affect another application. There are two types of IIS Application pool available. Shared pool: In shared application pool you will get single application pool for all users and...
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    Ways to upload files and folder in Plesk

    There are two ways to upload files; first method is to upload files using FTP which is common for all other control panels too. Second, method is to upload with Plesk. If you are new to Plesk then this will help you. First method: Upload files with FTP account using below steps: Create FTP...
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    Steps to set SSL redirection in Plesk

    You have to follow below steps in Plesk: Login to Plesk. Click on”Websites & Domains” which is available on left side panel. Here click on “Hosting Settings”, where under “Security” section you will find “SSL/TLS support and Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS checkboxes”. Select...
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    Hotlink Protection in Plesk

    Hotlink protection helps you to prevent direct link of your website’s file to another website. If hotlink protection is not enabled then it can increase the load of your website, so its better to enable it. Let’s see how to enable it. Login to Plesk. Here select “Websites & Domains” and click...
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    Steps to reset Plesk admin password with SSH Linux server

    Here are the steps to reset Plesk password with SSH server and for that you have to follow below steps: Login to SSH. After that you have to run below command. # plesk bin admin --set-admin-password -passwd 'NEW PASSWORD' Now check that you new password is working or not. NOTE: This tutorial...
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    Steps to generate CSR in Plesk

    You have to follow below steps to generate CSR in Plesk: Login to plesk panel. In Websites & Domains you have to click on “SSL/TLS certificate”. Here click on “Add SSL/TLS certificate”. You have to fill all the details like Certificate name, Bits, Country, State or Province, City, Organisation...
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    Do you want to make your website search engine WordPress SEO-friendly?

    Everyone would love to make your blog from an SEO-friendly aspect. They won’t have a proper way to make it easier for all users. This blog will help you to learn how to make your website search engine WordPress SEO-Friendly. Using the permalink of WordPress you can easily configure the link...
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    Everything You Need to Know About MySQL Query Caching

    Caching can significantly improve the performance of your website manifold. Your site visitors will experience faster loading speed and personalized content. But one caching mechanism in particular can greatly enhance the website performance which is Query Caching. If you’re using MySQL, then...
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    How can we configure Dropbox backup in Plesk?

    You can follow below steps to configure dropbox backup in Plesk: Login to Plesk. On the left panel you will find option “Extension”, click on it. Search “Dropbox Backup” from search bar and then click on Dropbox backup. Click on “Remote storage settings”. Select Dropbox backup and sign in into...
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    Steps to change PHP version in Plesk

    You can read further to change PHP version in Plesk: Login to Plesk. Now click on “Websites & Domains” option in Plesk. To change PHP version you have to click on “PHP Settings”. From PHP Support drop down menu you have to choose required PHP version. Click on “Apply” button to apply changes.
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    Steps to add new user in Plesk

    You can create additional user in Plesk and also can set its role according to your rules. Let’s see steps how to do that: Login to Plesk. Here in left side you have to click on “User” and then click on “Create user account”. You can also set the roles of your user and there are four different...
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    How to use the command line for finding Linux server IP?

    Do you know how to find the Linux server IP address? Some users would think like it is unnecessary information to know the IP address of the Linux server. The situation won’t be the same as this right! You might be locked in many situations where it is a must to enter the IP address of your...