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    Ways to convert timezone in mysql

    We can change Mysql timezone by using CONVERT_TZ function. You have to use below SQL command to change timezone SELECT CONVERT_TZ( NOW(),'current-time-zone','changed-time-zone' ); If you want to change your timezone to USA new York, you can run below command. SELECT CONVERT_TZ(...
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    If you are getting error “YOU SHOULD UPGRADE TO MYSQL 5.5.0 OR LATER” in phpmyadmin then you can follow steps to resolve this issue. First check and go to below path to locate file. Windows server - C:\inetpub\wwwroot\phpMyAdmin\libraries\ Linux server -...
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    Steps to set UT8MB4 for mysql

    You can check below steps to set UT8MB4 with phpMyAdmin . Login to cpanel account. You will get phpMyAdmin option under “Databases”. A new window will appear to manage your database. Here you have to select UT8MB4 Unicode and there is no need to save,it will be auto-saved.
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    Steps to repair .mdf files in SQL database.

    If you want to repair corrupt MDF files then you have to use DBCC (Database console commands) in SQL server management studio. Many DBCC commands are available like DBCC CHECKDB, DBCC DBREPAIR. To resolve this issue you can follow below steps: Open SQL server management studio. Here you will...
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    How can we rename mysql database in cpanel?

    You can follow below steps to rename mysql database: Login to cpanel. Search for “Mysql Databases” under Databases. Now select particular database which you want to rename from “Current Databases” list and click on “Rename” option. Enter your desired password and click on “Proceed” button. Now...
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    Steps to check Mysql database size via command

    Login to SSH via root. Now you have to enter below command: mysql -u username –p You will see password prompt you have to enter password of your database. You have to enter below command to display all the databases and also you can see its size in MB. You can use this command to check single...
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    How to enable “the Leave a copy of the message on the server” in outlook?

    Open Outlook. Click the File tab > Account settings. Highlight your current POP3 account and click Change. Note: The window that opens will tell you what type of email account you have. (Look under Type.) Choose More settings and click on Advanced. You should see a check box titled “Leave a copy...
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    Steps to change FTP upload path in Plesk

    You can change upload path for your FTP through : Login to Plesk. After that click on “FTP Access”. Now you have to select desired FTP account of which you have to change path. You can change path of your directory here.
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    Steps to set FTP connections in winscp

    You can follow below steps to set the concurrent connection limit through: Open WinSCP and go to the Preferences section. Next to "Other general options" click on the "Preferences" button. Go to "Transfer" >> Background. In the right pane, simply edit the value next to "Maximal number of...
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    How can we change Mysql root password via WHM?

    You can follow below steps to change Mysql root password: Login to WHM. Click on Mysql root password under “SQL services” tab. Now you have to enter new password of your Mysql database. You have to use STRONG and COMPLEX password for your database as everyone can access database. Do not use...
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    Steps to connect Mysql database via Mysql Workbench

    Mysql workbench is an Mysql client tool which helps to connect Mysql database. You can easily connect with mysql database from your computer with this mysql client. Here are the steps to use mysql client: Install mysql workbench and then open it. Click on “New Connection” and you will find...
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    Steps to integrate CDN with Joomla website

    Here are the steps to integrate Joomla website with CDN. Login to Joomla panel. Here you will find “Extensions” tab you have to click on Manage >> Install. You have to click on “Upload package file” tab, upload your zip file here and then tab on “Upload and Install”. After that you have to...
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    What are set operators? Explain.

    Basically set operators are used to join two statements. There are various types of set operators are available. Here are few set operators. UNION operators : You will get single result with combination of two SELECT statements. But this operator removes duplicate values from the result. UNION...
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    Steps to export SSL certificate from Windows server

    Here are the steps to export SSL certificate windows server: Login to RDP. Open IIS Manager. Here you will find “Server certificate” option, click on it. You will find all the SSL certificate hosted on server. Right click on the particular certificate which you want to export and click on...
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    Steps to install memcache in WHM

    You can follow below steps to install memcache in WHM: Login to WHM. Click on “Module installer” under “Software”, here you can see all the installed modules. Here click on “Manage” button in PHP Pecl module. You will find search bar in “Find a PHP Pecl”, you have to search “memcache” and click...
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    Ways to generate CSR key in DirectAdmin

    You can follow below steps to create CSR key. You have to login into DirectAdmin and go to domain account. Under Account Manager you have to click on “SSL Certificates”. Now a form will appear you have to fill this form and then click on “Save” button. After generating the CSR key you can see...
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    Steps to create another administrator account in DirectAdmin

    Login to DirectAdmin control panel. You can find another option “Create Administrator” link under “Server Management”, click on it. Fill up the following details: Username Email Address Password Re-type New Password Click on “Submit” button and your second administrator account is created.
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    How can we create Mysql database in DirectAdmin?

    You can follow below steps to create Mysql database. Login to DirectAdmin. Now click on “Mysql Management” link. Here you will find “Create New Database”, you have to click on it. Enter below details : Database Name Database Username Password of that user Re-type Password At last click on...
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    Steps to create user package in DirectAdmin

    You can follow below steps: Login to your DirectAdmin. From the “Access Level” dropdown select the Reseller. Here you can find “Account Manager” option and then click on “Manage User Packages”. After that you will find “Add Package” button. Now you will find “Create a new package” page, you...
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    Steps to install DirectAdmin control panel on Centos 7

    DirectAdmin is a control panel for Linux OS. This control panel is just like cpanel but little bit cheaper than cpanel. To install DirectAdmin your operating requires at least 1 GB of RAM and 2 GB of swap space. NOTE: Server hostname should be fully qualified domain name. Use below command to...